Clive W.Humphris

PIC® Micro Principles Teachers Pack V10

An enhanced eTextbook published in full colour. With EXTENSIVE ONLINE INTERACTIVE CONTENT, explored by inserting any values that could occur in a real situation into hundreds of menu driven topics thereby bringing the topic or any other textbook examples to life.
Full colour graphics that are redrawn for every input change will make your learning experience more enjoyable and effective as it encourages experimentation of real world situations where almost any practical value is accepted.
Interactive Technology when used in the classroom can motivate passive students by encouraging their active participation where STEM subjects are ideally suited to mobile interactive technology on their digital devices.
Students who struggle to be fully engaged in normal classroom activity can often achieve the unexpected once sat in front of a digital screen where they can learn without the embarrassment of full class exposure.
For each topic group students can TEST THEIR UNDERSTANDING by considering an open question whereby their ease of answering will provide an indication of personal progress.
264 printed pages
Original publication


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