Michael Bradley

What Else Can I Do? Turn Around

Many times in life we face difficulties that bring us to our knees in despair. Turn Around will encourage you to remember that your situations in life are never bigger than your God. Any problem you are facing in life, Turn Around is sure to help. Often in life we make wrong decisions or take wrong paths that lead us to the point of devastation. We become emotionally unstable, spiritually weak, and vulnerable to harmful things around us. Turn Around will take you step by step in forming a beautiful picture of God, fighting always in your defense, taking you to a depth of spirituality that will lead you to self-cleansing of sin. Turn Around will help you understand no one is responsible for the decisions you make or for the position you are in but yourself. Read Turn Around with an open mind and a willing heart, and these words will lead and guide you into a deeper relationship with God. Turn Around can inspire, encourage, and motivate you to carry on. In life we often see what is going on around us, but fail to see what is going on inside us spiritually. Turn Around can and will help you see what is holding you back in life. As you read, be willing to let God convict, guide, and correct, so you too can turn your life around for the good.
134 printed pages
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