John Allen

Emotional Intelligence

loworosufehas quoted2 years ago
Ever heard of the old saying "don't go to bed angry?" This saying means to take care of the issues that anger you before you suppress them and allow them to take hold of your body. Find that outlet before you rest, release them, let them go, then rest well. It is good advice and advice we all should take to heart (because it is good for our hearts!)
abr4h4mmag4has quoted7 months ago
emotional intelligence is the act of using and viewing the emotions through perception, control, and evaluation.
Alicehas quoted9 months ago
Close your eyes, clench your fist and scream as loud as you can in your head. Instead of actually doing it you will be pretending to do it and this method is very effective in the spur of the moment
Mrcadillhas quoted9 months ago
Stop and simply listen or observe your thoughts. What is it you daydream? Write this down, and write down what you are feeling as you do this. Not only does this help in identifying emotions, it helps you to release them as well. It also shows patterns you may experience, and will indicate triggers to emotions as well.
Madina Ashimovahas quotedlast year
Bad memories are another thing that can invoke painful emotions and hurts. These types of things are often suppressed to keep from dealing with it. Write down the moments when these memories surface. The next step with bad memories is to release them as best you can. If the bad memory is from a hurt caused by another person, try to forgive the person, even if they have never asked for it. Forgiveness is a way to release them from continuing to hurt you.
BMatt Manyongahas quotedlast year
Fatigue is probably the number one symptom of emotion suppression and the beginning of a long list of physical ailments if the emotion stays buried
b8046698097has quoted3 days ago
The MEIS works on the assumption that
b8046698097has quoted4 days ago
Emotional intelligence boils down to two very basic competencies,
b8046698097has quoted4 days ago
Simply accept what was, look at what is and seek to make what will be better.
b8046698097has quoted4 days ago
One important piece of advice on improving emotional intelligence: do not judge yourself.
b8046698097has quoted4 days ago
We realize this when we are at the pinnacle of an emotion
b8046698097has quoted4 days ago
exhale, chest falls, carbon dioxide releases.
b8046698097has quoted4 days ago
breathing in, chest expands, oxygen fills the body
b8046698097has quoted4 days ago
we may never know the full picture unless we talk to that person
b8046698097has quoted4 days ago
It leads to mental issues.
b8046698097has quoted5 days ago
Get all the facts first
b8046698097has quoted5 days ago
never jump ahead on assumptions.
b8046698097has quoted5 days ago
Emotions distract us from our rational thoughts.
b8046698097has quoted5 days ago
you have the ability to identify each emotion as they pop up
b8046698097has quoted5 days ago
and what those emotions triggered you to do.
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