Emma Ashe

Wasn't Supposed To Happen

When Delaney Hall’s best friend insists she rejoin the world by signing up for the Indecent Apposal dating app, she’s pretty sure Camille’s suffered a head injury. A dating app that will find your soulmate? Guaranteed? Unlikely—and even if were real (which it’s so not), Delaney isn’t looking for a soulmate, true love, or even a good time.
She’s looking for an escape--literally, thanks to a former boyfriend who stalked her. The threat is long gone, but the fear’s still everywhere. She can’t stop running…
Until she meets Connor Auclair. As a single dad and world-famous architect, Connor’s not looking for anything real either. He’s too busy trying to keep his twins from running off their latest nanny. Then he meets Delaney…and they both learn how find escape.
Even if it’s only for the space of a kiss.
*An Indecent Apposal is a spicy new romantic series filled with hot, dirty billionaire alphas and the beautiful, curvy girls who tame them. Perfect for a quick bedtime read or a quicker reader blush, you’ll love the sexy love story, Wasn’t Supposed To Happen. It’s a delicious combination of single dad meets insta-love romance meets romantic comedy. One of the best new short reads of the year!
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