Flash of Aphelion, David Jones, Bill Wolfe, Casey Callaghan, Chris Callaghan, Daniel Hollifield, J.B.Hogan, J.Davidson Hero, Jaimie L.Elliott, Joseph Nichols, Kerry Callaghan, Larissa March, Mark Edgemon, McCamy Taylor, N.J.Kailhofer, Richard Tornello -, Rob Wynne
More than 70 very short stories in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror! Why are 18 million spoons disappearing from Melbourne, Australia each year? How good is the magic of a discount wizard? What if superheroes were afraid to use their powers? These and other flash fiction challenges were put to the writers in the forum at Aphelion Webzine, one of the internet’s oldest and finest sources for fiction. The 17 authors in this book responded to those challenges with amazing tales that will thrill, entertain, horrify, and may even move you to tears.
255 printed pages
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