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Create a website in one hour

Create a website in one hour  on Wordpress or Wix

Are you a teacher and need to create a website easily and quickly? Do you want to acquire simple and free methods to create your website or blog? This little guide will help you! Discover these two free platforms, using screenshots and simple explanations on how to create your website and make your life easier :-)

We have more than fifteen years experience in the creation of websites and have already created dozens of sites.

We want to share with you our useful knowledge, our tips to help you easily create your website in one hour.

You will discover free digital tools that will simplify your life and enable you to work collaboratively and effectively in class and motivate your students.

What will you find in this practical and useful guide “Create a free website in one hour”?

— 3 sections with the major steps for the creation of a website on or

— an illustrated method, simple and easy

— tips and examples to better understand

So, are you ready to create your blog?
OK, let's go!

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