Berta Dandler

Awakening to Self-Knowledge

The purpose of the way of Self-knowledge is to remind us of our higher destiny and help us to realize the immortality and freedom of our true Self.All human beings are destined to evolve spiritually as we learn our lessons from experience and adjust our lives accordingly. The turning point is when this spiritual evolution becomes a conscious process. This can only happen when we understand and strive for the high goal revealed by the knowers of ultimate truth. It is the realization that our innermost consciousness is not individual but universal, and that one’s Self is the Self of all.This book shows how we can find guidance and inspiration in the classic texts of all the great spiritual traditions, and recognise the divine element at the core of our own experience. Then by opening our minds and hearts to the teachings on the true nature of our deeper Self, we meditate upon and affirm this vision of unity and perfection as our own Being. This is the Awakening to Self-Knowledge.
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Shanti Sadan
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