Women and Thomas Harrow, John P.Marquand
John P.Marquand

Women and Thomas Harrow

624 printed pages
Women and Thomas Harrow is Grade A Marquand, spellbindingly readable, smooth as cream in its polished technical craftsmanship, sardonically witty and filled with a special sort of wry and melancholy worldly wisdom.” The New York Times
Playwright Thomas Harrow followed his first Broadway smash with Hollywood celebrity and became the toast of theaters from coast to coast. But the road to riches and fame has been anything but smooth. Now in his fifties, Thomas’s three unhappy marriages have caused significant emotional and financial damage, and the disastrous failure of his musical Porthos of Paris will now force him to sell the beloved Federalist house he bought in his hometown of Clyde, Massachusetts.
Tom’s search for the causes of his current distress takes him back to his youth and through each decisive moment of his life: the literary successes, the hack work, the love affairs that turned sour. He married three charming, vivacious women—Rhoda, Laura, and Emily—yet never figured out how to share his thoughts and feelings with them. Partly the work was to blame, as the demands of his artistic life often ran counter to domestic arrangements. But with the wisdom of experience, Tom can also see that his character judgments were often mistaken, and that, despite his wit, charm, and intelligence, there is a fundamental part of himself that remains shrouded in mystery. Is there still time to unlock his heart, or has the window for love closed to him?
An honest and moving portrait of a successful man’s never-ending quest for happiness, Women and Thomas Harrow is one of John P. Marquand’s most autobiographical novels.
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