Fiend Street, Derick Hudson
Derick Hudson

Fiend Street

After centuries hiding away in coffins, forests and ram-shackled dens, the vampires, werewolves, witches and warlocks are now living secretly among us. This is the story of Jack Celby, the hormonally charged teenage son of vampire parents, who lives on Fiend Street where over half the population living there are descended from those who sucked blood, howled at the moon or stirred their stinking concoctions in steaming hot cauldrons.
All is not well on Fiend St. Although Jack, his parents and all the ‘irregulars’ have successfully assimilated into normalised society, they now face a terrifying battle against the mongrels, a blood-thirsty race created from the poisonous union of deviant vampire and werewolf blood.
A young werewolf child has been kidnapped, perhaps even slaughtered, and all the witches’ cats have been horribly mutilated in a barbaric attack that can signify only one thing: the mongrels are uprising and no one is safe, especially Makayla, Jack’s mongrel girlfriend.
87 printed pages
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