Alfred Vogel

The Nature Doctor

* The health guide that no family should be missing
* Now even more up-to-date: the revised and commented edition
* 40 colour pictures and line drawings, headband

The Nature Doctor — proven a million times
The valuable advice of “The Nature Doctor”, first published in 1952, has proven its worth a million of times over the decades and is convincing thanks to its simple language that can be understood by everyone. Now the classic work of naturopathy is available in the new, 74th edition: updated, beautifully designed, with over 140 comments. The successful 860-page book “The Nature Doctor” is considered one of the standard works of modern naturopathy. It was first published in 1952 and has since been translated into 12 languages and more than two million copies were sold. Revised and commented edition.

The Nature Doctor — for the whole family, for every medicine chest From A like abdominal disorder to Z like zinc — “The Nature Doctor” is a comprehensive compendium and a colourful summary of valuable experience in Swiss natural and folk medicine. In the first 400 pages of his classic Alfred Vogel deals with specific health issues for healthy and sick days. Which plant helps with which complaints? Which nutrition supports which organ best? From head to toe, the book contains a wealth of tips and advice on how which health problem can be treated naturally. Furthermore, the book is dedicated to specific plants, naturopathic methods, diets and cures. The focus is on the following:
* Plant portraits
* Wild fruits
* A small selection from the world of homeopathy
* Some substances of biochemistry
* Seasonings
* Different cures and their application
* Nutritional topics
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