Impressions of “the princess saves herself in this one” by Amanda Lovelace

b9885350778shared an impression6 months ago
💞Loved Up

I LOVED THIS BOOK I have it in real life and it amazing!!

Lisa Ryall
Lisa Ryallshared an impressionlast year
👍Worth reading
🔮Hidden Depths

Unexpectedly both cutting and inspiring. I’m going to be thinking about this one weeks, months, and years from now.

Dulce G.
Dulce G.shared an impressionlast year
🌴Beach Bag Book

Me gustó mucho la manera de contar su historia pero todo se arruinó el el último capítulo.

Letras Escondidas
Letras Escondidasshared an impression2 years ago
👍Worth reading

«the only love you need is your own»

Xiomara Canizales
Xiomara Canizalesshared an impression2 years ago

This is a collection of personal thoughts. I found some good quotes around the book but beyond that I didn’t feel a connection, I didn’t feel anything at all.
I don’t want to sound disrespectful because I think the author got herself really vulnerable by sharing her story I just didn’t enjoy this read.
My rating is 2/5

b6566576425shared an impression2 months ago
👍Worth reading

It is a wonderful book, teaching us to accept who we are and love ourselves

sanduhima18shared an impression6 months ago
👍Worth reading
💡Learnt A Lot

Beautiful ♥️

The mess
The messshared an impressionlast year
👍Worth reading
💞Loved Up

that's a very refreshing book and that would be nice for more people to read itb

Tamsin shared an impression2 years ago
👍Worth reading

Deeply moving poetry. Encourages women to be strong. Only wish it had been longer ❤️

Alejandra Arévalo
Alejandra Arévaloshared an impression2 years ago
🙈Lost On Me

Está cute.

Ирина Хазиева
Ирина Хазиеваshared an impression2 years ago
👍Worth reading

Каждой девушке, и не только, обязательно к прочтению

Marina Zala
Marina Zalashared an impression3 years ago
👎Give This a Miss

I think i love more classic poems than this one

leyendoestoyandreshared an impression5 days ago

Andrea G
Andrea Gshared an impression22 days ago
👍Worth reading

Vivian Her
Vivian Hershared an impressionlast month
👍Worth reading

Charles Udo
Charles Udoshared an impression2 months ago
👍Worth reading
💡Learnt A Lot

faryalkhalid102030shared an impression2 months ago

Victoria Dembrovska
Victoria Dembrovskashared an impression3 months ago
🔮Hidden Depths

Maya Savitri
Maya Savitrishared an impression3 months ago
👍Worth reading

lisa norman
lisa normanshared an impression3 months ago
💡Learnt A Lot

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