Xzavier Mcknight

Intermittent Fasting


You want to lose weight and belly fat, then intermittent fasting is perfect for you.

You want your blood sugar levels to come in control, intermittent fasting can help you with that.

You want to build a lean body with great muscles, intermittent fasting will give you the results.

Intermittent fasting is not just a weight loss routine to follow, but a way of life that can change your life.

However, you need to know it in detail to reap the best results.

This book gives you an in-depth tour into the details of intermittent fasting.

It explains the history and science behind the procedure. You can understand that it is not some recent discovery but a time-tested measure for mankind.

This book will explain the various intermittent fasting ways and the best way to follow them. It will also give you the do's and don'ts of those ways with specific tips for each method.

Inside you will find:

The real science behind intermittent fasting

The various intermittent fasting plans

The correct way to choose an intermittent fasting plan

Advantages of intermittent fasting

Tips for each intermittent fasting plan

Do's and don'ts of intermittent fasting plans

Intermittent fasting Recipes

And more……
95 printed pages
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Tony Bennis
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