Kenneth G.Davis

Daybreaks Davis Lent 2009

Lent is for those of us who do everything wrong, except for believing Christ loves us. We question our faith; we are shocked at the temptations we feel; we find ways to rationalize financial risks; we even enjoy that bite of steak just before recalling, “It’s a Friday in Lent!” Lent is not for those who have reached human perfection, but for those who believe in Jesus’ salvation.
Begin each day this Lenten season with a Daybreaks meditation. Find a quiet place where you can be open to the peaceful presence of God. These reflections take only a few moments of your day. Allow time for the words to sink in, for the message to unfold. Consider how these ideas might change your life, challenge your attitudes and beliefs, and inform your heart. Lent is a season of conversion. This is the journey of Lent and Easter.
Conventual Franciscan Kenneth G. Davis is an expert on sin. Since God is an expert on forgiveness, the two get along pretty well. Father Davis also talks a lot, so it is fortunate that as a priest he is called to do so. However, it is even more fortunate that a lot of people talk back to him, since it was within the crucible of that dialogue that these meditations were prepared.
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