Phil Amara

The Treehouse Heroes

Five super-powered teens battle a warlord to save an endangered creature. Appeals to fans of comic books, The Teen Titans, and Avatar the Last Airbender.
From their treehouse headquarters come five young champions and their wise teacher. Brawny Cha is a mountain of muscle. Small Klee is a shapeshifter, from girl to animal and back again. Blonde-haired Bri can blow gusts of wind. Long-haired Flo can vanish before your eyes. Lanky Gru is a speedster. Their white-bearded mentor has taught them to help others in need.
Now they must save the “Zez,” a mystical Asiatic beast, from an encroaching civilization; especially the menacing General Moon, empowered by enchanted armor, and his soldiers. Using all their varied powers, can the Treehouse Heroes protect their new friend and restore the balance of nature?
Its fresh blend of adventure and lyrical art, created by traditional hand-painted watercolors, will excite young readers. Written by a former Dark Horse comics editor and illustrated by a Star Wars: The Clone Wars animator, this is a PG-rated action-filled quest that will engage parents and will find a home in the classroom or library.
Elementary school teachers can connect Treehouse Heroes to English Language Arts lessons. Because it’s a picture book, it’s a helpful supplement for English Language Development (ELD) students needing visual context. Librarians can use the storybook in lessons to exemplify character traits such as cooperation, thoughtfulness, empathy, and bravery as the characters overcome their fears and doubts to help a friend in need.
“A charming and magical story. The art is poetic and beautiful!”
— Steward Lee, Director on Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series.
51 printed pages
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