Kidnapped, Johnathan Bishop
Johnathan Bishop


12 printed pages
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Our young woman is taken while out on a jog. Her captors have big plans for her, but can she handle what they will give her?
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porex2shared an impression4 years ago

porex2has quotedlast year
She froze. They had been in her home. Watched her? How long? Did they know about Robert? Did they know....what....she was? Those words lifted cold gooseflesh on the entire length of her body and she shivered violently.

"But a clean pussy is a must. Filth like you need to be cleaned and cleaned spotlessly. I know your type whoregirl. Begging for cock. Begging for cum in your filthy hole. Humping, jerking, screaming pleaaaaaaaaase. You LIVE to be used, hole. You WANT THIS." Taunting.

And god damn, oh god damn.

It made her even more wet. What was wrong with her? Please just let me wake up!!!!! The words screamed through her mind. But she did not even try to move, try to escape. She knew. She knew there was none. She knew well enough from the scenes Robert created that this, this was something that had been planned over months of time.

Real or the epitome of Robert's demented mindfucks. There was no escaping this. None.

There was the familiar sound of a trolley being rolled over the floor near to the table. The cold having
Sue, Sue Brown
Sue Brown
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