Nishant Baxi

Getting the Woman of Your Dreams

There is a ton of information available online regarding dating. This does not mean that all guides and books are created equally. Each book has a different approach about how to best attract members of the opposite sex. They cover everything from what to wear, to how to talk, to specific pick-up lines to use.Many are borderline offensive, are more likely get you slapped than a date with a woman.Regardless of what spin these online manuals and guides take, they usually have one thing in common. They typically spend a lot of time on self-confidence.Believing in your self is essential to attracting a woman. How can you get someone else to think you’re great, if you don’t think you’re great?The cheesy pick-up lines, hidden tricks, and special secrets that many guides promise usually don’t work. Without the self-confidence to look a woman in the eyes and communicate with her, you won’t have much success in the dating department.Some men get really stressed out about picking up a woman, and anxiety about it is common and normal. However, sometimes it goes a step further to the point of a panic attack. Do you have any of the following symptoms of a panic disorder? Rapid heartbeatNauseaStammering when talkingFear of rejectionClammy handsInability to maintain a logical dialogueFlustered feelingGoing blankShakiness If you have any of the aforementioned symptoms, you can benefit from this book.Not only will we cover the best ways to build up your dating self-confidence, but you will also learn the key tips to success with women. You’ll also learn about the type of man that attracts women mentally, no matter what you look like.
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