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Janine Myung Ja

Adoption Stories

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What are adopted people (adoptees) feeling and saying about adoption today? You will be surprised. Adopted people are diverse individuals with differing points of view, yet have been stigmatized into one type of people by the industry leaders. Even though we come from various backgrounds, we've been stereotyped as if all of us are somehow ungrateful if we don't show enough appreciation, labeled as if having Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) when we don't bond as expected, or too negative when we push for answers. This little book proves that we are an assorted population with varying backgrounds, and we should not be reduced to the label of anti-this or anti-that when we ask questions—questions that make the industry uncomfortable. Rather, we should be given the right to ask questions about our background and even gain access to our adoption documents when we inquire. We have the right to ask questions—even if it makes adoption agencies uncomfortable. We should have the right to know if we have blood-related sisters and brothers, aunts, or uncles. None of us should have to go to our graves without having the opportunity to develop friendships with our next-of-kin—if we so wish. This book, containing excerpts from Janine's “Adoption Books for Adults” collection, is completely biased on the rights of adopted people and void of influence from adoption authorities.
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