R.M. Greenaway


As Halloween approaches, a pair of deaths set Dion and Leith on the trail of a suspected killer, and supernatural rumours about the murderer are almost beyond belief
Book Three in the B.C. Blues Crime series, a noir series featuring two detectives whose lives have detoured badly off-course
Two sleuths: Dion is recovering from a brain injury, while Leith’s ambition has slowly turned bitter
Brings out the humanity of RCMP officers, depicting them without polishing off the rough edges
First long-running police procedural set in North Vancouver
Author is a court reporter/court transcriber and has plenty of insight into the system and how trials are conducted, as well as a feel for dialogue and how experts speak about crime
First book in the series, Cold Girl, won the 2014 Unhanged Arthur Ellis Award and was shortlisted for the 2017 Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel
335 printed pages
Original publication



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