Connor Whiteley

Clinical Psychology Reflections Volume 2

Perfect for university psychology students and clinical psychologists alike!

Lots of real world topics in clinical psychology aren't spoken about at university. Or they aren't explained very well until you enter the real world. And other topics need a new perspective to be understood.

Can we change this?

This great book is filled with 19 short fact-based reflections and thoughts about clinical psychology.

Filled with new perspectives on major clinical psychology topics and new thought-provoking ideas that can be applied to psychotherapy and our work.

If you want a great engaging book filled with interesting, thought-provoking reflections. Then this is the book for you!


Clinical Psychology Reflection Content


The Cure Fallacy

Mental Health In Fiction

Looking Into The Data: Gamblers Moving Online

Being Childfree, Societal Level Factors and Assumption

Ending or Wrap Up In Clinical Psychology

Dealing With People We Don’t Like Or Click With

People Can Own Their Trauma

Thoughts On Reaching 100

If Something Isn’t Working, Change It (Flexibility)

Do What You Love Even When It’s Unpopular

If You And Others Love It, Drill Down On It

Social Difficulties, Hoarding and Clinical Psychology

Olympic Empowerment and Therapy

Psychology is Considered A Feminine Discipline

The Idea of Acceptance and Commitment In Mental Health

Client’s Anxiety, Nervousness and Expectations

An Article Linking Autism To Terrorism

Perfectionism In Clinical Psychology

The Truth Behind Gay Son and Mother Closeness
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