Who Put The Butter In Butterfly, David Feldman
David Feldman

Who Put The Butter In Butterfly

182 printed pages
The English language is filled with familiar words that, when one thinks about them, are downright peculiar: cooties, doozies, and heepie-jeebies; finks and funks; mugwumps and muumuus; deep six and cloud nine. There's only one pundit to solve these and other riddles of our spoken tongue: David Feildman, who in his bestselling Imponderables™ book and Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise? has established himself as the unchallenged expert on answering and unanswerable.
Word Imponderables™ have always been favorites with Feldman's legions of fans, and in  Who Put the Butter in Butterfly? he gets to the source of all the mysteries surrounding our curious vocabulary. Why do we mid our Ps and Qs and not our Vs and Ws? Which Toms lent their names to Peeping Tom, Tom Collins, and tommy gun. How does a Weasel go “pop” — and why for that matter? And who are the Joneses we're supposed to be keeping up with?
Who Put the Butter in Butterfly? is a reference book you can't afford to be without. So don't beat around the bush, and don't wait until the eleventh hour to until the jig is up. This is compulsive reading for anyone incurable curious about the idiosyncrasies fo the language.
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;has quoted2 years ago
As someone who uses words for a living, I have long wondered why I so effortlessly spew words or clichés whose origins I know nothing about.
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