Andrew McGregor

Bloody Rattenkrieg

November 1942, Russia: The Red Army closes the net around Stalingrad near Kalach, surrounding one of the most formidible armies on the planet, the German Sixth Army. One of the Wehrmacht's finest and strongest fighting units.

The German Air Force, the Luftwaffe, mistakenly commit to supplying the city from the air, failing to realistically consider the distance, roaming Russian fighters, ground to air fire and the extreme temperatures.

The story follows a small group of soldiers as they attempt to continue day to day in the most brutal and desperate of situations. The hope of rescue or potential victory is sustained only by cameraderie and the determination to survive.

Leutnant Hausser returns as the young squad leader with a past shrouded in mystery. A black Iron Cross hanging uncomfortably around his neck, concealed from all but the closest to him.

Bloody Rattenkrieg is the sequel to 'Bloody Iced Bullet', the opening work in the series.
330 printed pages
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