Bob Mather

Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate Investing

The #1 Book on Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate Investing

No matter which side of the real estate bubble you are on, you can clearly see the cut throat nature of the real estate industry. If you're renting or looking to buy a home, you see the rapid rise and fall in asset values; almost like gambling in a casino. It seems like a necessary evil if you have a family. At the same time, you see a lot of your friends and family default on loans; or even foreclose during the last recession.
As a real estate agent or home owner, you're constantly worried about new how new Government regulation will affect your property/business. You struggle to find good clients (if you're in a remote location) or to select good clients (if you're in a big city). You're also trying to reduce long term damage; while maintaining your property in an efficient manner. This book has been written as a guide to future solutions to your problems in real estate. 
And Artificial Intelligence is the tool that can work for everyone involved. Artificial Intelligence is a new buzzword. Everyone is talking about it. It's been implemented effectively in a number of industries. Though it's been slow to get moving in the real estate industry, it has taken over certain aspects of the industry; and will grow rapidly in the next decade.
Here's a few things you can learn from this book

How the Real Estate Industry Has Evolved To Its Current State4 Different Ways Machine Learning can effectively Real Estate Property and Rental PricesWill AI replace real estate agents? The answer may suprose you4 Ways Real Estate Agents use Artificial Intelligence to improve maintenance and evaluate tenantsEfficient Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Marketing and Sales MethodsThe 3 Different Criteria Used by Machine Learning Algorithm to determine financing rates for tenants

Even if you've never even thought about owning real estate, you will find useful information in this book
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