Kory M. Shrum

Dying Light

Read the series with 700 five-star reviews. A contemporary fantasy series unlike any other.
What doesn't kill you always tries again.
In the wake of her handler's death, Jesse has never felt more alone. If she has any hope of defeating her sadistic, murdering father, Caldwell, she needs allies. 
In her quest to forge alliances, Jesse goes to Chicago, Caldwell's very own stronghold. But in this attempt to take the fight to her father's door, Jesse learns his secret. 
And it changes everything.
Now that she knows the truth, Jesse must decide if she has the strength to follow through with her brutal plan to save the world--even if it means letting good people die…
Dying Light is the fourth novel in the “smart, imaginative, and insanely addictive” Dying for a Living series. You do not have to read the series in order to enjoy it, but it is highly recommended.
276 printed pages
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