Lavendar Ocean

Lies We Hide in the Mirror

In the Big Apple, Secrets Hurt--but Truth Kills

Four years ago, Alessandra Lucchese became Alex LaSalle.

Four years ago, a tragic accident caused her to changed her name and her life. Doctor LaSalle is a sex therapist to thousands and world renowned author of F*ck Like You Mean It. In the public eye she is perfectly put together, a complicated façade paints her as a femme fatale in every sense; sex contracts and scandalous parties are the name of the game.

Only a select few know she's the daughter of the capo dei capi. A mobster in every sense of the word, he's strung her up in a web of lies so complex she can hardly fathom what she's going to find in the depths.

The shadows and ghosts she's had to deal with her entire life have become her constant companions. The lies she tells herself every day in the mirror have harsh consequences on her mind and soul, and it's taking its toll on her as she approaches her thirty fifth birthday.

When someone close to her meets their demise, secrets that have been buried for years rise to the surface, and the lies she has to untangle will change her life forever.

Trigger Warning: alcohol, death, mental illness

Not suited for those under the age of eighteen, adult situations and profanity are included.
329 printed pages
Original publication



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