Richard Roberts

The Good News Is The Bad News Is Wrong

How do you react when bad news visits your door? What happens when you are suddenly blind-sided and your life is being ravaged by a deadly, incurable disease? What do you do when it looks like your business is going down the tubes and you're about to lose everything financially? Where do you turn when you've just received the shocking news that your son or daughter is hooked on drugs or alcohol?
Does God have a miracle when bad news strikes?
In the society in which we live, where we watch news on television or the internet 24/7, is it possible to believe that the bad news is wrong?
I say a resounding, YES! And I've written this book to let you know that even if it looks like you're going under, and you're about to be engulfed in the roaring waves of the sea, Jesus Christ declared, «Let us go over unto the other side.» The devil may be in the storm business, but Jesus is still in the going-over business. The Bible, God's Word, is still the same Good News message that it was two thousand years ago. And the good news is the bad news is wrong!
52 printed pages
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