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Mette Højen

Business Rhetoric

«So… eh… before I start, I would like to say a little about myself and a little about why I have chosen this theme…"
“BY ALL MEANS NO! You have already started! Actually, you have jumped the gun and that is just as foolish as a musician starting to play his instrument in the wings or on his way onto the stage. There is only one start and that has to be distinct.”
Mette Højen does not beat about the bush when she with immaculate precision, and a twinkle in her eye points out the rhetorical bad habits of corporate life.
In a simple and informal style, she shows us how you stand to gain more from your speeches, meetings and presentations by making a few rhetorical adjustments.
It is plain speaking with one clear objective: maximizing the return on your allotted speaking time — or put differently maximizing your rhetorical ROI.
165 printed pages
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Lindhardt og Ringhof
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  • Diana Møller Gøtze Kjærnøhas quoted4 years ago
    When you are performing
    Mood Buttons: You determine the atmosphere
    You are the one setting the atmosphere so remember to be aware of which mood matches your message.
    Eye contact: Shortcut to togetherness and intimacy
    Look out and up and smile with your eyes. You can see how the audience feel – whether they are interested... and eye contact is the fastest way to create a feeling of togetherness and projecting involvement.
    P A U S E S: Shortcut to power and self-containment
    Remember to be silent now and again! It is of importance to yourself as well as the audience. You project self-containment by having the situation under control. It is easier to remember what to say. The audience will find you more interesting to listen to, and last, but not least, it is easier for them to remember what you have said.
  • Diana Møller Gøtze Kjærnøhas quoted4 years ago
    Let your slides take care of themselves and move out into the room to you audience – you will come across as a lively and engaging speaker.
  • Diana Møller Gøtze Kjærnøhas quoted4 years ago
    Move out into the room

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