Lizbeth Dusseau

The Glass House

In his mid30s, Rafael Fernandez represents every woman's dream of the perfect Latin lover: dark hair, dark eyes, and a body sculpted by years of service in the Special Forces. Rafael is introduced to BDSM by one of his buddies, and the pair exploits a coterie of submissive women that congregate around military bases, looking for Hot Dominant men. After his discharge, Rafe becomes the Foreman for a Ranch in Central California, where he befriends the local Sheriff. Knowing Rafe's history of breaking even the most recalcitrant prisoners, the Sheriff enlists his services in saving his beautiful, headstrong niece from addiction and jail, after her fifth failed try in rehab. Thrilled by the challenge, Rafe devises a regimen of painful physical consequences for bad behavior, contrasted with sexual rewards for progress in recovery. His charge must willingly subject herself to his authority, permitting him to punish and pleasure her at will, in order for the program to succeed. In her desperation to avoid prison, the frantic young redhead signs on. Rafe carries her off into a world of sizzling erotic pain and overthetop sexual pleasure, each far beyond anything she ever imagined. As charismatic Rafe deals with the Sheriff's niece, it becomes apparent that there are several other candidates ready and in need of his brand of “recovery”.
141 printed pages
Original publication

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