Victims of Fayte, Michael Cancellieri
Michael Cancellieri

Victims of Fayte

248 printed pages
What would you do if your entire world were gone in an instant? This is the reality for Magnus and Eve, the last two survivors of an immortal race called mystics. 8000 years ago they lived in a kingdom of magic, ruled by Queen Rose. When the Queen decided to abuse the source of the mystics’ power, the Sephirot Stones, it caused a cataclysm that reduced the once great kingdom to nothing more than a hole in the ground. All of its knowledge and people lost forever.

Magnus and Eve wandered for thousands of years watching as the world takes shape. When a Sephirot Stone is unearthed in our time, the two must race around the planet to obtain the stones before they fall into the wrong hands.

The two must fight against evil forces, both old and new, to defend our world from an interstellar invasion that could mean our demise.

Can the two protect this world from the oncoming threat or will these invaders prove too powerful? Maybe an old friend can help them find the answers they need to save this word.
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