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Nella Larsen


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    Julie Laurberg Lund Kofoedshared an impression5 years ago
    👍Worth reading


    Sophia Millerhas quoted6 months ago
    If you couldn’t prove your ancestry and connections, you were tolerated, but you didn’t “belong.”
    Sophia Millerhas quoted6 months ago
    No family. That was the crux of the whole matter. For Helga, it accounted for everything, her failure here in Naxos, her former loneliness in Nashville.
    Sophia Millerhas quoted6 months ago
    Bitterly she reflected that James had speedily and with entire ease fitted into his niche. He was now completely “naturalized,” as they used laughingly to call it. Helga, on the other hand, had never quite achieved the unmistakable Naxos mold, would never achieve it, in spite of much trying. She could neither conform nor be happy in her unconformity.

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