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Long before recorded history, Earth was visited by an alien civilization seeking gold to save their dying world. Through genetic engineering, they created modern humans to be their servants. But we would not remain slaves forever.

Thousands of years later, archaeologist Dr. Isaac Montgomery discovers an ancient mirror artifact that unlocks a messenger revealing humanity's true extraterrestrial origins. This knowledge has been suppressed by secret powers for millennia to control humankind. Along with scholar Dr. Alice Kim, Isaac goes on the run to unveil the shocking truth and change the course of human destiny.

Pursued by deadly forces bent on burying the past, Isaac and Alice race to activate a mysterious orb artifact containing encoded revelations from Enzu, an advanced being who rebelled to leave this record. As wonders and threats multiply, Isaac finds himself caught in the struggle between freedom and control over humankind's future. The choices he and Alice make will either empower humanity with the greatest revelation in history — or lead to catastrophe.

In this electrifying sci-fi thriller, one man's discovery of ancient alien secrets will determine if human civilization is ready to learn the astonishing truth about its own origins and join a galactic community that awaits. Will we find the wisdom to guide our species into a new era among the stars?

Humanity's future hangs in the balance in ENZU: Lord of Wisdom — get your copy today!
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