Susan Greene

The Most Important Conversation is the One You're Not Having

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How do you have difficult conversations with YOU, family, co-workers, friends and the annoying customer service representative on the other end of the line? The tools discussed within the book, The Most Important is the One You’re Not Having create the safety to conduct these tough conversations in the heat of the moment when you do not have time to prepare.

Do you really want to wait? Here among these pages you will discover proven tools that enable you to handle your anger manage your fear and begin that conversation now.

In chapter one, Did We Forget How to Be Funny we cover passive, aggressive, and passive-aggressive behaviors. You learn how these inappropriate behaviors keep you from creating healthy and responsible relationships.

Chapter two, Body Beware, you learn what choices make a significant impact on your

body and relationships. Learn how to become more aware of their effect on your health.

What triggers undesirable actions and behaviors in your home and at work? Discover the root causes What is Reflected in Your Mirror, chapter three. Then learn how you can change them?

Have you ever said, I am so upset, I Can’t Think Straight? Chapter four explores brain science and how it affects your behavior.

After a full day sitting in meetings you may come home feeling tired. Then on the weekend you work in the yard all morning and feel energized. Chapter five, Inner Power: Keep It or Lose It, demonstrates how and why this phenomenon happens time and again.

Can you turn on the television, check your home page or listen to Talk Radio without hearing, seeing or feeling anger and hostility? What drives us to the point of anger? How do we fix it? Anger, rage and hostility are secondary emotions. Chapter six, Anger, Rage and Hostility provides the answers.

Dr. Kathryn Kotrla endorsed these techniques how to handle emotions effectively on my PBS production, Brain at Work. She validated the tool, Report, Report, Report suggesting it can be used during any situation or conversation when it gets sticky. In chapter seven learn this valuable reporting tool that helps thousands.

Often the damage in relationships is not that we did not listen, we sometimes do not listen enough. Are you creating the space to move forward into feeling heard? Is it more important to be right or have a relationship? Chapter eight The Art of Candor learn more valuable tools.

When you find yourself in struggle, you are caught in a short circuit that continues to repeat over and over again. Chapter nine, Stop the Story, explore how giving up incessant addictive thinking patterns takes you out of struggle and into that inner quiet space that feeds your soul.

Chapter ten, What is the Conversation You’re Not Having with Yourself, discover exquisite freedom that comes when you are willing to explore behind the ego and look at who is judging you.

Chapter eleven, Life is a Series of Choices look at how you make choices consciously and the consequences when you don’t.

When you turn on the news, whether it is on television, via the internet, Twitter, newspapers or magazines, media bombards us daily with a very hot topic, The War on Terror. In 1974, Suzy missed being a bomb casualty by seconds. Chapter twelve, When Terror Hits Home, learn how the author handled daily terrorist activities in England where she worked. Practice these exercises that help develop a new alertness. They will help keep you safe.

The last chapter All of Life Comes to Us with Ease, Joy and Glory talks about how these precious words changed Suzy’s life.

The expanded 3rd edition The Most Important Conversation is the One You’re Not Having,

released 2013, brings into the current climate timeless proven tools to nurture you that increases your capacity to nurture your relationships.

Suzy Greene learned on her 28th birthday that sometimes it’s too late. Can you afford to wait to have the most conversation?
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