Leland Gill

How to Be a Supervillain

“Master Vex” is an accomplished Supervillain looking to help other Villains with their careers. Featuring exciting illustrations by Nell Radlick, How to be a Supervillain and Love Life Doing It guides readers through the basics tenants of villainy. Part One focuses on the professional aspects of villainy at various stages of life: starting out, building a name for yourself, battling heroes and managing an operation once you’ve had success. Part Two deals with the personal side of villainous life: handling stress, finding romance, maintaining a family life and impacting the local community. Ultimately, Master Vex will prove that the life of a Villain boils down to making a positive impact in a way that fits an individual’s style and talent. There are many inner and outer perils that come with the territory but Master Vex assures readers that the calling of villainy is well worth the struggle.
166 printed pages
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