The Meta Secret, Mel Gill
Mel Gill

The Meta Secret

229 printed pages
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The Meta Secret book features comprehensive and rapid step-by-step “how-to” techniques of manifestation to help you to create anything you want in your life. Some of the original Secret Teachers return to focus more in-depth into the Laws of Attraction and the mysterious workings of the Universe.

The “META SECRET The Next Level” is a book and a film written, directed and produced by Mel Gill who is a Hypnotherapist and Hermetic Philosopher. It is a film that brings the Laws of Attraction to a more practical and down-to-earth level. It was conceived as an answer to why the Laws of Attraction does not always work with all of the people, all of the time.

Mel began this quest to enlighten people with virtually no money in his pocket to create a big budget movie, let alone a documentary with the Key Teachers of THE SECRET. So he began a dialogue with his close friends Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Jay Abraham, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Dave Riklan, Eli Davidson, Dan Poynter, W. Mitchell, Harv Eker, Joel Roberts, Masaru Emoto, Greg Heart, Douglas Yeager (The agent for the blues legend Odessa) and his co-agent friend in Manhattan, Norma Jean Wright from the group CHIC. And with nothing more than a Dream in his heart, the project began to take form.

Mel explained his concept and they all agreed to correct the simplistic notions of the Laws of Attraction and to put strong foundations under its very powerful influence if applied intelligently and in a directed manner.

This Film seeks to remind people everywhere that you CAN be whoever you want to be, have whatever you want to have and experience whatever you want to experience within the parameters of “Higher Mind” Dynamics. In other words, even as you seek and attain the important material things you need in life, you have to remember that there is a Spiritual side of you that is “beyond the physical” and cannot be seen or experienced except with an “inner eye of understanding”. And it is within this higher self that real happiness can be found.

Where Did The Meta Secret Come From?

Much of the “META SECRET The Next Level” Movie and Book is largely influenced by the wisdom of Hermes Trismegistus, who is credited with the creation of an Ancient and Powerful book called the Corpus Hermeticum (Sometimes referred to as the Emerald Tablet) and a revelatory text written in the 1800s called “The KYBALION”. From this Hidden Science of General Hermetics are distilled the knowledge that will allow ANYONE who understands these “other Laws of Attraction” to create the Life they were meant to live!

Meta Secret… The Next Level

The movie THE SECRET revealed to us THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. This Law of Attraction is ONE of seven Ancient Hermetic Laws. “META SECRET The Next Level” reveals ALL the seven LAWS OF ATTRACTION! Along with that are practical strategies and methods to slowly but surely manifest your desires and to finally LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

“META SECRET The Next Level” has been described by some folks as a rapid Step-by-Step ‘How-to’ Video Manual of the greater workings of The Law of Attraction in concert with other greater Universal determinants that shape our Collective Destinies. It is a wonderful and intriguing storyline about one man’s quest to uncover a “Secret Beyond All Secrets” in spite of massive physical and emotional challenges along the way. It begins with Mel Gill’s Near-Death experience falling from a mountain and losing his arm in the Operating room to his various encounters with Wisdom Teachers both from the East and the West and ends with a reminder that we are Spiritual Beings having very temporary LIFE experiences and that it is not the things we collect or have that defines us……it is how we respond to those around us.

In one sentence, the “META SECRET The Next Level” movie is a reminder that the Journey is the Main Thing and that we need to experience more feelings of GRATITUDE for the things we have, the places we find ourselves in and the people around us
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Sharing and spreading happiness and positives vibes to all!


This book is dedicated to
that part of you
which knows that
men and women
brothers and sisters
by dreams, hopes, love and desires
and that
no matter what
we achieve, accomplish or gain in this life
we leave it all behind
as trail markers for
fellow pilgrims on the journey
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