5 “S” of yoga: A book for all ages to learn about 5 “S” s of yoga – Self-discipline, Self-control, Self-motivation, Self-healing and Self-relaisation: A book for all ages to learn about 5 “S” s of yoga – self-discipline, self-control,: A book for all ages

Do you think your brain never relax, keep running thoughts 24/7?
In the present time, our brain is super wired-up with social media and digital media influences. It seems like a never-ending process. In the age of information overload, it is overloading our brain with junk files. We are filling our brain's hard drive with unwanted, unrealistic and unsettled thoughts.
Are you forgetting things and it is effecting your performances?
If you are starting to forget things and you feel that is reducing your ability to manage your professional and personal life. This book is for you.
We never noticed how we breathe, we can only notice our breath when it runs fast or very slow. We can survive without food and water for a few days, but we can not survive more than 3 minutes without breathing. Everyone understands that if we are not breathing means we are dead, and we all know how important it is but….
Are we doing anything for it?
This book is about the power of pranayama yoga. How to breathe properly and use scientific knowledge of Chakras and pranayama yoga to achieve the 5 most important S of our life.
Self-DisciplineSelf— ControlSelf-MotivationSelf-HealingSelf-RealizationThis book will empower you with your “inner self” and asanas that help to achieve. It will also explain some handy and powerful Pranayama yoga techniques you can incorporate into your daily life.
This book will enlighten you with:
The power of Pranayama YogaYoga Poses to enhance your inner selfRegulator of Body — align with ChakrasA set of pranayama yoga can perform as daily rituals.

This book is for all ages; this book contains:
Coloured images of Asanas make it easy to understand and perform.Simple and easily understandable languageStep by step explanation of poses

109 printed pages
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