Pentagon's Hammer

«Freedom…this is what being an American is all about. It is the single most important philosophy that has driven America's success since the beginning. Freedom, however, is an expensive luxury to secure, and that is why America strives to be the leading force in military might and power. Americans are accustomed to this luxury and in ways they have taken it for granted. The dreaded day of 9/11 opened the eyes of millions of Americans when the US homeland was attacked. Its enemies exploited a weakness in general security and utilized that weakness to promote fear and chaos! The enemy took decisive action against its American foe; lending to the shocking realization that America is not immortal. Imagine if America's other weaknesses were exploited…Imagine if the next attack wasn't targeted at civilians but at the American government… Pentagon's Hammer is a story following a highly intelligent group of terrorists that have infiltrated the core of America's defense structure and are now utilizing this great wealth of knowledge against its sworn nemesis. This hostile takeover is led by an individual known only as "The Serpent" — an individual sworn to the destruction of the United States of America. In twelve days, the lives of millions of American's will be changed forever. In twelve days, America will be thrown into disarray as its enemies have found a vulnerable weakness within its space-based Defense GRID! In twelve days, The Serpent executes a series of attacks that virtually cripples the America the world has come to know! BUT, there's one complication — ALEX BAUER, a highly recognized defense systems engineer and expert within the US government. Follow Alex Bauer and his crew as they attempt to put an end to The Serpent's reign of terror and prevent the destruction of the life and freedom dear to all Americans…"
914 printed pages
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