Barbara Cartland

Love Joins the Clans

After her mother Lottie’s death in Paris, penniless young Clova has no one to turn to, so she heads for Scotland — to the Clan Lottie abandoned when Clova was just seven. Then fate intervenes and a vast inheritance from her dead mother’s former lover makes her a rich woman.
Nevertheless, she is afraid that her kin will despise her as they did her mother, who ran away with a ‘Sassenach’ to a life of ‘sin’ in Paris and Monte Carlo. But to her amazement, she is told that she has inherited the title of Marchioness of Strathblane and Chieftain of the McBlane Clan!
But her new wealth and power are double-edged swords. Not only is her Clan embroiled in a bitter feud with the neighbouring McCowans, but her cousin Euan is also plotting to seize her title — by the foulest of means.
Winning the hearts of her Clan with her brave leadership, she loses her own to the ‘enemy’ Laird — and if wicked Cousin Euan gets his way she will lose her life too.
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