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A Foundation Course In Drawing

Written by two artists, each with more than 20 years of teaching experience in London art schools, A Foundation Course In Drawing is an exciting and carefully designed drawing course for artists of all levels.
The book's five parts cover life drawing, still-life drawing, landscape drawing, abstract drawing and drawing systems. Each part is further broken down into sections, which progress from the most basic skills, such as how to hold a drawing implement, to more advanced concepts,such as capturing the folds and textures of drapery and creating harmony in abstract compositions.
Throughout the book, detailed explanations and a structured series of practice exercises introduce each subject, which is looked at in different ways, through such elements as shape, form, space, light, texture, movement and time. Procedures, techniques and practical tips are also provided for describing each way of analyzing the subject.
As each of the five parts stands alone, novice artists can work through them in any order, or can take a broader approach, moving through the first section of each part, followed by the next section, and so on. More advanced artists can turn directly to sections on problem areas for supplementary instruction and practice.
A Foundation Course In Drawing offers an innovative, comprehensive approach to the experience of drawing, and will help artists of all abilities discover ways to confidently express their ideas, feelings and responses.
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