Abraham Maslow

Toward a Psychology of Being

Full facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. In this compelling book, Professor Maslow uses studies of psychologically healthy people and of the healthiest experiences and moments in the lives of average people to demonstrate that human beings can be loving, noble and creative, that they are capable of pursuing the highest values and aspirations. A classic text in the field of humanistic psychology.
272 printed pages
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    David Teglbjærghas quoted2 years ago
    A “high-ceiling”interpersonal psychology, i.e., an understanding of the highest possible development of human relationships, cannot base itself on deficit theory of motivation
    David Teglbjærghas quoted2 years ago
    Just as all trees need sun, water, and foods from the environment, so do all people need safety, love and status from their environment. However, in both cases this is just where real development of individuality can begin, for once satiated with these elementary, species-wide necessities, each tree and each person proceeds to develop in his own style, uniquely, using these necessities for his own private purposes. In a very meaningful sense, development then becomes more determined from within rather than from without.
    David Teglbjærghas quoted2 years ago
    erenity that one experiences when functioning easily, perfectly and at the peak of one’s powers—in overdrive, so to speak.
    “Relief,”depending so strongly on something that disappears, is itself more likely to disappear. It must be less stable, less enduring, less constant than the pleasure accompanying growth, which can go on forever.

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