Buying My First HDB Home : A Guide on HDB Purchase Process, Peter Tan
Peter Tan

Buying My First HDB Home : A Guide on HDB Purchase Process

During our hunt for a HDB unit, we were confused and we had many questions that need to be answered. Some of our questions are, as follows :
(a) Should I buy new HDB units or resale?
(b) How much can I loan?
© Where should I loan from (i.e. HDB or bank)?
(d) What are the interest rates for the loan?
(e) What portion of my salary should I set aside for monthly loan repayment?(f) How could I utilize my CPF?
(g) Should I utilize all my CPF?
(h) Am I entitled to CPF housing grant? How much of it?
(i) How should I proceed to buy my house?
(j) What is the house buying process like?
(k) How much are the renovation works?
(l) Are there any money saving tips?Hence, if you do also have the above questions, you are not alone.

We would like to share our knowledge and experience with you in this book. It is recommended that you finish reading this book, prior to house hunting. This will make your house hunting process a less stressful one.

Enjoy your house hunting!

Best Regards,
Peter & Clarri
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