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This book KURDISTAN covers over a century of complicated history with a focus on the breakup of the Ottoman Empire, suppression from surrounding regimes, international and civil wars, the establishment of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq, and the fight against the Islamic State. Within the context of that history, this book then covers the most current status of the Kurd's at the forefront of the war against the Islamic State and their regional relationships with Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq. Within the context of their complicated history, this book then evaluates the internal and external factors on the Kurd's road to sovereignty.
The Kurds are the world's biggest ethnic group without a state. They have been subject to violent repression but have resiliently sought independence. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, they were left without a state and their population split between four newly drawn states and borders. The Kurds most recently rose to fame for the role they played in the war against the Islamic State. The Kurds were one of the United States' strongest allies in the war but were then abandoned when the US removed troops from Syria. However, the Kurds are no stranger to betrayal and proxy wars.
The topic of KURDISTAN interests with a Christian worldview as are called to bring hope, peace, and justice to the world. This may look many different ways, but Divina G. West believes we can bring hope and support to Kurdistan even if just through prayers and financial support through non-profits and local charities. She believes we are called to pursue justice and promote peace as Christians, and Divina believes Kurdistan is key to peace in the region.

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