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Sue Miller

While I Was Gone

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Perhaps it's best to live with the possibility that around any corner, at any time, may come the person who reminds you of your own capacity to surprise yourself, to put at risk everything that's dear to you…Thirty years ago Jo Becker's bohemian life ended when she found her best friend brutally murdered. Now Jo has everything: work she loves, a devoted husband, three grown daughters and a beautiful home. But when an old friend settles in her small town, the fabric of Jo's life begins to unravel, as she enters a relationship that returns her to the darkest moments of her past, imperilling all that she loves.
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  • Aureliashared an impression6 years ago

    It's an ok book with some deep lines here and there. For a thriller and crime nivel it's not what you'd expect. The rhythm is slow and very paced. Fee cliffhangers and little mystery to be honest.


  • Aureliahas quoted6 years ago
    We talk. We talk. And the words make our silences easier—they’re the current that runs under them.
  • Aureliahas quoted7 years ago
    When I was most confused by her, it helped me to remember myself at her age—just that egocentric, just that lost, just that uncaring about the pain I might be causing others, because I felt I was in so much pain myself
  • Aureliahas quoted7 years ago
    “Love is love, Daniel, wherever it lands.”

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