Monica Murphy

Slow Play

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    Pradishma Nagvekarhas quoted3 years ago
    ade frowns. “Why not?”

    Because my mother drilled it into my head from a young age that sugar is the devil. That anything that tastes or feels good
    Alysa Taylorhas quotedlast year
    erfectly shaped nose and icy blue eyes, she’s beautiful. I normally like them bubbly and cute, a girl who thinks my jokes are funny while hanging onto every word I say. While talking to this particular girl though, I got the distinct feeling she thought I was the joke. My costume didn’t help but still.
    Needless to say, she intrigues me.
    Alysa Taylorhas quotedlast year
    let’s be more apt, an angel. All elegant cheekbones and pouty pink lips
    Alysa Taylorhas quotedlast year
    ne. The tall, thin girl with small tits and shiny blonde hair. Jade’s friend.
    Alysa Taylorhas quotedlast year
    I wince. “I wasn’t about to let him bang me. Did you see his costume?”
    Jade bursts out laughing. “I knew we’d get along fine. But definitely avoid him. He’s fun to flirt with, but that’s about it.”
    “I’ll remember that,” I murmur as I watch her buzz around the kit
    Putri Kusumawardhanihas quoted2 years ago
    That anything that tastes or feels good is really bad for you.
    b7778037636has quoted2 years ago
    His blunt and twisted honesty is somehow working on me. “And what do you want?”
    b7778037636has quoted2 years ago
    touch you and it’s like electricity sparks between us. I look into your eyes and I feel like I’m fucking drowning. And when I kiss y
    b7778037636has quoted2 years ago
    the length of her body, taking in the thin tank and the tiny shorts…
    b7778037636has quoted2 years ago
    and I savor the taste of her. Learn the shape of her lips, hear the hitch in her breath when I take her lower lip between mine and gently tug.
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