The Childless Revolution, Madelyn Cain
Madelyn Cain

The Childless Revolution

Whether childless by choice, by chance, or by happenstance, women without children today are alternately pitied and scorned, and are rarely asked directly about the reasons for, and their comfort with, childlessness.
Asking the right questions, Madelyn Cain thoughtfully uncovers the reasons for childlessness – from biological, to economic, and even political – and explores the ramifications for both the individual and society. Simultaneously compassionate and journalistically curious, The Childless Revolution is informed by the stories of over 100 childless or self-proclaimed childfree women, at long last giving voice to their experience and validating the jumble of emotions most feel about being part of this misunderstood population. The first book to put a face on these women who cannot conceive – or, for reasons as varied as womanhood itself, have chosen not to – The Childless Revolution dispels fears, removes ignorance, and corrects misconceptions about the ever-growing group of women without children in our midst.
171 printed pages
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