The Most Profound Essays of Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei
Ali Khamenei

The Most Profound Essays of Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader

The enigmatic writings of the Supreme Leader are insidiously profound, but are fortunately ignored by the Great Satan and his minions who believe there is still plenty of time left to halt the decline of the Western World. For the record and for the few, these essays and comments are provided in the enemy's format. As the World Caliphate inevitably forms, some will convert from apples to pomegranates, though for some individuals it is not certain if they will throw them or make pie, will be kind or will be tart. But those are minor games, for we will rule, and in certain matters there can only be obedience to the Supreme Leader, me. These essays are a rare opportunity for the reader to be teased and for the Supreme Leader to amused by the confusion of the uninitiated to the Machiavellian Machinations of Moi. These essays are the first tease to be presented in English. Indeed, be puzzled, for you are only a puzzle piece and I direct the construction of the full picture.
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