Lucie Muchina

Unlocking the Power of Single Parenting

In today's world, it's a mammoth task to be a parent, even when both parents are present. The demands that come with parenting are all too well documented and are notable for the single parent who may not afford childcare, take a sick day off, and only take rest when the child falls asleep. This can take a toll on anyone's life. There is the added drawback of having no one to share the enchanting moments and tantrums with, and no one close to reassure you that you are doing just fine.

In this book, I share my experience of being a single parent. In addition, I have added true (anonymised) real life stories and some biblical examples of single parents and how they managed to wade through the storms of single parenting successfully. Through theses examples, this book acknowledges that with the right support in place, resilience and sacrifice, single parents and their children can accomplish what anyone else can.

43 printed pages
Original publication
Lucy Muchina



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