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Dare – to Change

Are you sick of your job? Desperate to leave a toxic relationship? Just received bad news? Or lost a loved one? Often we stay stuck in a bad situation because you we are afraid of change. Well, you don’t need to be scared anymore.

#Dare — to change, provides easy to understand information about change, to make you aware of what to expect on the rocky road of change. It also shows you how to stop limiting self beliefs, mindsets and behaviours, how to reorient ourselves with new habits, and how to successfully navigate ourselves through difficult transitions.

With concrete examples of how to unstick yourself from life’s challenges such as unrelenting self-talk, the book guides you through awareness and support strategies, and offers practical ways to align your values, purpose and goals to the type of change that you are seeking to make. It provides easy to understand theory so you are aware of what to expect on the rocky road of change.

Learn how to:

Recognise unhelpful thoughts and beliefs that are sticking you to your current life — what to do when you experience set-backs and how to stick to your change.

Break habits with the SOS technique and build resilience with the 1–2–3 model.

Help others to practise awareness and presence to manage their change challenges.

Make a change that sticks like glue to paper.

Read it now to make change easier for you. Do it. Now.
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