Herbert Eugene Bolton,Marshall Thomas

The Colonization of North America: 1492–1783

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This book represents an attempt to bring into one account the story of European expansion in North America down to 1783. The authors wrote this book in response to a clear demand for a text written from the standpoint of North America as a whole, and giving a more adequate treatment of the colonies of nations other than England and of the English colonies other than the thirteen which revolted. The book is divided into three main parts: I. The founding of the colonies; II. Expansion and international conflict; and III. The revolt of the English colonies.
Table of Contents:
The Founding of the Colonies
The Background and the Discovery
The Founding of New Spain (1492–1543)
The Expansion of New Spain (1543–1609)
The Establishment of the French Colonies (1500–1700)
The Beginnings of English Expansion (1485–1603)
The Chesapeake Bay and Insular Colonies (1603–1640)
The Beginnings of New England (1606–1640)
The English Colonies During the Revolutionary Period (1640–1660)
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