Assigned Climes, Neil Stanners
Neil Stanners

Assigned Climes

Stories of people, places and situations and the world.
Messages left by a soldier in Vietnam. What does a boy do when he’s no longer perfect? A series of delays for a job applicant waiting in the foyer of a corporation. There is a last time for everything but will you recognise the moment? A time and place puzzle in a town with a history. A writer decides to tell the truth about writing.  Memories of youthful indulgence and its possible consequences. What is a three-star chef doing in a country town? A visitor knocks on your door in search of his past. A man in the wilderness, alone, on a mission with an uncertain future. Who is this stranger in a Greek fishing village and from where did he come? Fame is fleeting if not earnt. Taking on a boarder can lead to an unforeseen situation developing. How can a man be unable to find his home?
176 printed pages
Original publication
Neil Stanners



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