Naghilia Desravines

Cold Hearted

At twenty-seven years of age, Cáel Darcie — African American, beautiful, fashionable, honest, and ambitious — liked where she was in her life. She owned a beautiful little condo in Las Vegas, a gleaming new car, and had a great job and loving boyfriend.

But everything changes when life takes an unexpected turn. Cáel learns she is pregnant and she's deserted by her boyfriend when she refuses an abortion. She faces the question — What now? She chooses to live a brave life that honors what she believes in. This unfurls a series of events leading up to a horrible accident. Or, was it?

Cáel wakes up from coma to find that she has no memory of her life whatsoever or the events that led to her condition. Helped by her friends Amanda and Christopher, Cáel slowly tries to get her groove back, but soon realizes that everything is not what it seemed. Her ex-boyfriend Michael was dead, and there were pieces missing in the whole puzzle.

Why had Michael been in Las Vegas?

Was it really a random, freak accident? Who was lying?

Cáel strives to connect the dots in her fragmented memories, a quest that takes her from Vegas to Texas, to Florida, and then back to impending danger lurking around the corner. Fast paced and emotionally charged, Cold Hearted is a novel about love, hate, deceit, and the darkness of the fickle human mind.
146 printed pages
Original publication

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