Gone and Back, Wallace Kelly
Wallace Kelly

Gone and Back

54 printed pages
“Liam Brooks … what are you doing back here in Doveport?” Emma cringed at the sound of her voice. Here she was, trying to not act surprised, trying to keep her pulse under control, trying to ignore the lump of emotion in her throat that time hadn’t erased. She did a crappy job of it. Instead, her words came out with a burnt edge of hurt and longing.

Gone And Back -

Emma Williams has moved on with her life and done her best to heal her heart after a whirlwind weekend with Liam Brooks four years ago. Without a word he left Doveport, Texas, and his family’s ranch to pursue a dream job with a New Mexico oil company and she hadn't heard from him since.

Imagine her surprise when he walks into her struggling wildlife rehabilitation center; newly divorced, wealthy, and sexy as ever. He also has a court order to do 40 hours community service at her place. Seems that no matter how fast he went in his Ferrari convertible, he couldn’t escape his past. To Emma, it was solid proof that the man hadn’t changed.

Her first thought is to turn him away, but figures she’ll get every ounce of labor his hard body can handle. In the meantime, she does her best to squash her attraction to the man but fails on every count. His kisses are still as drugging as ever and the sex has only gotten better. He also goes out of his way to help her with her business. It doesn't take long before she realizes maybe this bad boy has gone good.

Is Liam truly a changed man, or will he run from his feelings yet again? She won't know for sure until she reveals a secret that could change both of their lives--for better or worse--and she has only one week to do it.

**contains explicit love scenes and language**
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